About Us

Business, professional and community networking solution where dreams become ideas and ideas can become business or a non-business activity.

By becoming a member (FREE signup), you will have access to the following FREE benefits:

1) Individual members: you will be able to publish information about yourself as an individual;
2) Business members: you can also add a Business page;
3) Community: also a community page can be created to form a network;
4) Marketplace (Notice board): you can advertise jobs, cars, property to rent and more, and also can source the same;
5) Discount corner: you can advertise and sell discount vouchers for your products and services to potential customers, and also access the same from other members;
6) Pitch and post: you can record a video of your business or sales pitch on YouTube, or write a description of it, and post it here for your future partners and customers to view;
7) Travel: you can post or view feedback on different destinations, find or advertise different travel destinations and advertise or find different possible accommodations;
8) Contacts: add people to your contact list and start building connections;
9) Chat: here you can chat with your contacts; ‘chat only groups' can also be created for free;
10) Message: you can also send private messages to contacts;
11) Group: you can create a group and advertise it to attract members. Each group also has an automatic free chat feature. These groups can also be used to run physical events. The purpose of ‘groups’ is to gather like-minded people who can network online, but also organize to meet offline;
12) Events: create your own events, or book to attend to existing events and chat with other prospective and past attendees;
13) Search: you can search for an individual name, industry or profession. You can also search within a specified radius to further refine your results;
14) My Planner: you can plan your days using our helpful calendar. Events booked will automatically be shown here. You can also book personal appointments, and send invitations or requests to others for appointments;
15) Home page: here you can post comments, pictures, video, blogs, articles and more, in order to find fame and attract new contacts.

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