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Profile Title: Practice Head at Accounting Contact Profession: Chartered Certified Accountant Qualification: FCCA, FFA, FIPA, FFTA City: London Website:

Chartered Certified Accountant at Practice Head at Accounting Contact
Qualification: FCCA, FFA, FIPA, FFTA
City: London


Networking is the heart of business. If sales are its blood, then networking is the heart which pumps that blood through the veins. Before the Internet. Before advertising. Even before the first sale was made, people met and talked and learned the power of trust. They networked.


At Accounting Contact ( we continue this tradition of trust - everyone’s business receives the same care as our own. More than 10 years practicing as an Accountant have convinced me that today this approach is more vital than ever. In the 21st century business changes so fast that only specialist tax expertise can ensure entrepreneurs are taking full advantage of the rules, not breaking them. 


I understand the importance of sales and the sacrifices we all make to be successful. My respect for those sacrifices led me to form Heptagon Events - - a platform in Central London where businessmen and businesswomen meet to share ideas, raise venture capital and, above all, network. 


Visit our sites, attend our events, email us, phone us or connect on Facebook. But however you choose to reach out, remember one thing above all - networking is the heart of business.


Skill Endorsements Rating
Accountancy 1 5
Events 1 5
Management 1 5
Networking 5 4.2
Taxation 1 5


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